Truex Lighting Tulsa Oklahoma



Industrial and Commercial Fluorescent and LED Lighting

Truex Lighting manufactures extreme quality fluorescent and LED lighting products for use in industrial and commercial environments. Our fluorescent and LED products are designed to be end-user and contractor friendly while being extremely competitively priced without sacrificing quality.  Truex products are used in the manufacturing, warehousing, retail and refining facilities of some of the world’s largest corporations.

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LED Product Pages

LHB 4     Wall Pack 1     2x4 Recessed LED 1     LVTSHB

   High Bay Fixtures                 LED Wall Packs                 Recessed Commercial          Vapor Tight Fixtures




Traditional Area Light (shoe box)    GLL450 (garage light ceiling mount)      DDL420 (dusk to dawn)     DLL320 (dock light)

LED Flood Lights                   General Area Lighting          LED Area Lights                   Direct Task Lighting 




LVTSHB     LED Canopy 1     LED HAZ LOC     Task_Safety 1   

 Strip Fixture                   General Area Lighting          Hazardous Location                   Task Lighting    



Fluorescent Product Pages

Full Body High Bay     Vapor Tight     Strip Fixture

      High Bay Fixtures                Vapor Tight Fixtures             Strips & Industrials   


Hazardous_Location     Hazardous Location

Hazardous Location                      Task Lighting